New site and HANDSOME DEVIL now available!

So after the requisite years of manning an under-updated Tumblr, I decided it was time to take a step up and get serious. Custom-purpose website serious. I hope you find it both handsome and professional. Now that we're on the blog section of the site that nobody will ever read, I feel comfortable admitting that doing all this - setting up a site and a shop - felt a bit much, you know? Who am I, after all, to dedicate a portion of the internet's limited real estate to my own art? But then I realised there are websites dedicated exclusively to renderings of the My Little Pony horses boning one another, and I felt less bad about it. There is no good time to do this. So I decided to do it now.

In more interesting news - and the main reason this website has, indeed, sprung to life - Handsome Devil Tattoos vol 1 is now available! It's my first full-colour, professionally printed collection (and it looks lovely, if I do say so) and I'm very proud of it. Visit the shop or the publications page in the navigation above to read more about it or buy a copy for yourself or a Smiths fan you may know.

The blog will be updated from time to time with concept art, information about new products, and - should the time ever come - details on how to come and find me at print fairs and comic cons. For more up-to-the-minute information, I would encourage you to visit the Facebook and Instagram accounts I have.