The Taxi - Now In Print!

It's Friday the 13th my boys - "the real Hallowe'en", I call it. And folks, my acclaimed debut feature-length - The Taxi - is now available in a gorgeous print edition.

The Taxi has been described as "vile", "profoundly worrying", and "well drawn but horrible". It was the first full-length story piece I ever published, and I'm delighted to offer it in this beyond wonderful print version.

Let's talk print quality. Oh honey. Hoooooney. I have talked at length in the past about my days in the gutters of Manchester's zine community, photocopying badly drawn comics in black and white on low quality paper, and slinging them around town on my bicycle. Suffice to say, this isn't 2011 Manchester any more honey. These things are slick. Literally slick - they're printed on glossy-ass paper with a laminated-ass cover. 


Let's be real at this point - The Taxi's available free to read online and always will be, so why would you buy one of these things? Well if you liked it online, it looks better in person. The artwork looks a lot better (and intensely more worrying) in person. 

Additionally, think of it as an investment in an inevitably lucrative market. Comics are heading down a narrow path baby, and that path is called "Welsh indie horror". Get in on the ground floor.

I'm proud of this thing, and I'm especially proud of how it turned out in the flesh. 

You can buy it here.

Thank you for reading.

John x