True Believers Interview & Print News!

Good evening friends,

True Believers Interview

I have been interviewed by the True Believers Comic Festival in preparation for my comic con debut there this February 3rd at Cheltenham Racecourse. I have included my charming new press photograph and my opinions about my art. It was my first interview as an artist. Please print it out and put it in your folders.

Hell and Other Prints

Untitled_Artwork 18.jpg

Remember Hell? The charming mini-comic I designed exclusively for Instagram? Well exclusivity doesn't mean a thing honey because I've gone and had print copies made. They're gonna be square, like the original, but on the same slick paper you've come to expect from my print editions.

Additionally, I'm having some A5 prints made of my favourite artworks over the past year, which will be available at True Believers and probably online? 


If you follow me on Instagram you will know this but I got a kitten. Her name is Potato. I regret putting an Instagram widget under my main page now but I know you want to see her just as much as I do.



My biography has been updated accordingly. Potato will not be attending conventions with me.