Night Watch now in print

2017, some year right lads? 

Potato, a kitten, investigating the print edition of Night Watch.

Potato, a kitten, investigating the print edition of Night Watch.

My 2017 masterpiece, if I do say so, Night Watch, is now available in a delightful print format to buy if you want it. It's 24 pages inside on glorious glossy paper stock with a laminated card cover (if you've had one of my A5 works before - The Taxi, or that other one I had to put on sale because he just can't help himself - you'll know how good this looks and how durable it is).


Which once again raises the valid question of why you should buy a comic that you can get online for free. That's for you to answer. Maybe you think stuff like this is interesting, maybe you like having extremely handsome printed editions of things on your shelves, but I shall say now what I said when we last dealt with this problem - this is a new age, friends. The era of genre work and superheroes is dead. The time has come for comics about normal people with normal problems, and I don't think anybody has tapped into that feeling better than I have. Get in on the ground floor so you can rub it in your friends' uncultured faces.

It looks very nice, I'm very proud of it, and however you choose to enjoy it I do hope you enjoy it.

Mandatory reminder that I'm at True Believers Comic Festival this February 3rd at Cheltenham Racecourse at table K8. I'll have this with me and other things. Come and say hello.

Your pal,