BALD now available

Greetings friends,

Goodness, doesn't True Believers seem like such a long time ago? I know it does at this end, but with only six weeks gone (and with the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo just around the corner on June 2nd) I've been hard at work. True grind. Red "100" emoji.

Work continues on The Floating Hand, my 80-page magnum opus about the rustling innovations of 1920s New Mexico, but in the meantime I decided to bless your timelines with something completely new.

Ladies and gentlemen:



Bald is 28 pages long and details the story of the baldest man who ever lived.

I'm happy with this one. I feel it's the culmination of everything I learned from Night Watch, Hell, and Gang Culture rolled up into one.

I hope you enjoy it. There'll be a process blog soon similar to the one I did for Night Watch, because I've got to fill this website with something.

Blessings to you all,