The full list of published works.


CYDO (2019)

CYDO is a one-page comic, encompassing 40 panels in a 5x8 grid, printed on one A2 silk paper sheet with the above image on the rear. The first one page comic to have a front cover, and the biggest comic on the indie comic market today.

CYDO is about unfulfilled ambition, loyalty, and disenchantment.

What The Critics Said

“Continues to twist the concepts of comic presentation as well as what you might expect from a comics story… darkly humorous subject matter…  Trust me, this is another weirdly hilarious incident.”
- Tony Esmond, Never Iron Anything

“Spellbinding… [John] has a good eye for presentation… absolutely beautiful.”
- Tom Stewart, The Lakes Comic Art Festival Podcast


Plan A/Plan B (2019)

Plan A, the story of escaped convicts on the hunt for a priceless ruby; Plan B, the story of two brothers trying to do right by their recently deceased father.

Both stories are printed in one book, with a front cover on each side.

What The Critics Said

“Has a strangely practical sense of logic to it’s narrative. It makes sense to the reader although often it really shouldn’t. It’s that sense of personality that you only really get in the indie and self published. John makes great comics because that’s what he wants to do and isn’t driven by any trends or editors looking to make a buck. Long may it continue.

The art is bold and accomplished and cartoony. It fits with nobody else out there and has a level of quirk that you will warm to immediately. I look forward to everything John puts out.”
- Tony Esmond, Never Iron Anything

“John Tucker has a unique style that suits him, and you know it’s his… and he’s perfected it here... One of the best creators going.”
- Tom Stewart, That Comic Smell

“Another delightfully daft story from Tucker, with his usual quirky ideas and daft visuals… Has the quirky Tucker sense of humour on show though, as well as some fantastic visuals which really make the most of both scenarios… a must read.”
- Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

32 pages, colour


Adrift (2018)

It has been two years since all the gravity inexplicably and instantaneously left earth. Adrift is the story of how society has changed as a result.

What The Critics Said

 “Fun, telling and at one moment just a little bit touching… takes all the cynicism of the depressing things like The Walking Dead and The Road and shows that as changes come that are considered catastrophic we can find a little humour and just possibly some light at the end of the tunnel. It is written with that idiosyncratic humour that is recognisably a Tucker creation. A little bawdy, a little strange and a whole lot funny.”
- Tony Esmond, Never Iron Anything

40 pages, black & white


The Floating Hand (2019)

It is the early 20th century in Redvale, New Mexico, and the owners of Hart Farms face a new breed of cattle rustlers. Debut graphic novel, launching 2019.


Bald (2018)

The heartwarming story of the baldest man that ever lived.

What The Critics Said

  • #34, Pipedream Comics’ Top 50 of 2018

“Although this may sound sinister and creepy, it’s anything but. On first reading the opening pages you expect it to be a sympathetic tale about childhood baldness, but as it develops and becomes weirder and more wonderful it becomes a laugh out loud read that is very silly and a lot of fun… It’s hard to describe but definitely gives the whole book a unique feel that is more slick than your average small press zine style, but without losing the expressiveness and looseness that makes it so charming.”
- Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

“This was a nice surprise. Sometimes you receive something that you hadn’t heard of before. Something a bit different. The works of John Tucker tick all those boxes, idiosyncratic and funny. Especially his most recent comic ‘Bald’… takes the everyday, the hum drum and (literally) turns them on their head… bold and bright and easily read.”
- Tony Esmond, Never Iron Anything

28 pages, colour


Gang Culture in 1950s Swansea: An Illustrated Oral History (2017)

A collaboration with the Swansea Legacy Society to bring light to the city's gang crisis of the 1950s.

16 pages, print & online


Night Watch (2017)

A troubling mystery befalls a lighthouse keeper.

22 pages, colour, print & online

Untitled_Artwork 12.jpg

Hell (2017)

A square mini comic. The subject? Hell.

8 pages, online


The Taxi (2017)

A drunken reveller gets the last cab out of town, and slowly comes to the realisation that it may not be as it seems.

20 pages, black & white, print & online


Gang Culture in 1950s Swansea: An Illustrated Oral History (2017)

A short illustrated oral history of Swansea's street gangs of the 1950s, and the moral panic that accompanied them.

4 pages, black & white, digital download


Harveyzine (2015)

On May 31st, 2015, Brian Harvey - formerly of renowned UK boyband East 17 - ran himself over with his own car after eating too many jacket potatoes. On the tenth anniversary of the event, 150 copies of this zine were distributed around Manchester and Cardiff.

10 pages, black & white, A5
Out of print (150 copies)


Magnificent Adventures II (2012)

The second free zine I published while I lived in Manchester. 

16 pages, black & white, A6
Out of print (250 copies)


Magnificent Adventures (2011)

While I lived in Manchester, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to the culture of weird, niche little publications that people had made themselves in photocopiers and shitty printshops. Nobody asked for them, but they existed anyway. This introduced me to the non-stop thrill of hand-guillotining and stapling hundreds of pieces of paper for hours.

16 pages, black & white, A6
Out of print (250 copies)