Since 2016 I have been writing and illustrating short graphic stories, and releasing them independently. Here is a selection of the work I’ve put out, and if you like the looks of these, a lot of them are available to purchase from my shop, often in very cheap bundles that will last you a wet weekend or several wet evenings.

Or, if you want a digital collection of my entire comics work (all 323 pages of it to date, pictured left) for only £5, please consider going to Gumroad where you can get that. Thank you.

And Those That Are Saved Shall Be Carried Away (In Production)

Currently in production

My debut graphic novel, …Carried Away will be launching soon and concerns frogs, the rapture, and the end of the civilised world. A largely silent book with zero human dialogue, rendered in four colours, …Carried Away will be a) available soon and b) class, in my opinion.

Murder vol. 1 & 2 (2020, 2021)

Murder is a short-form, small-scale comic anthology that bundles several short illustrated stories into small package, which is then available to preorder for a limited time before going out of print forever. Murder Volume 1 (2020) raised £400 on Kickstarter and volume two raised £800.

The King (2020)

In her renegade sister’s will, Lisa is bequeathed a large golden egg. Upon coming into Lisa’s possession, the egg hatches after fifty years of dormancy. The King is the story of Lisa’s time with the egg (and its contents).

What the critics said:

  • #16, Pipedream Comics’ Top 50 Comics of 2020
  • “It’s no secret that John is one of the most inventive indie creators on the scene at the minute… his best book.” – Tony Esmond, Never Iron Anything/The Awesome Comics Podcast
  • “[An] eccentrically amiable tale has an idiosyncratic charm that makes it well worth picking up.” – Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

Bald (2018)

Jeff was deemed the baldest man that had ever lived at age eight. After this fraught start to life, Jeff grew up to be a reasonably ordinary (if extraordinarily bald) adult, until a strange spot begins to form on the back of his head.

Bald was adapted into a short film, funded by the BFI (yes, the actual BFI). It won several awards.

Other Titles

In addition to these titles, I have also released:

  • CYDO (2019)
  • Plan A/Plan B (2019)
  • Adrift (2018)
  • Night Watch (2018)
  • Gang Culture in 1950s Swansea (2017)
  • The Taxi (2017)
  • Hell (2017)

And have had comics in a few anthologies and whatnot.

A few of these books are out of print now but, again, they can be found in my collected works PDF, which is available here, thank u