When the pandemic kicked off and everyone had a lot more time on their hands, people fell into one of a few categories; people who started Twitch streaming, people who started podcasting, people who got really into bread or something. I did Twitch, and still do. Follow me over on Twitch to see me draw, argue endlessly with my community of revolting nitwits, play American Truck Simulator, and “just chat”.

The Sizzle Reel:

”The Day The Music Died” (American Truck Simulator, following aborted Warzone stream, hence the war paint)
”Heal The Nation” (Christmas Eve Speech 2020)
”Hypercovidisation” (Adam Curtis version of the infamous pub know-it-all “I solved the Rubik’s Cube and COVID is a SCYAM” video)
”Don’t Open A Gallery In West Wales” (American Truck Simulator)
”Thank You VIBTIS” (Procreate art stream)
”Goodbye VIBTIS” (Procreate art stream)